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Club No 70/2982

When it's your turn to RAVE

RAVE could be:



Verse or


In short, anything that you can fit into the few minutes allowed towards the start of each St George Toastmasters Club meeting.

If you choose RHETORIC, express an opinion - perhaps on an event in the news, maybe on a contentious issue that is never quite out of the news.

An ANECDOTE may be a personal experience, or a story that you have heard about someone else - maybe someone who is famous, maybe someone who is quite ordinary but did something exceptional.

VERSE may be humorous, it may be stirring or it may describe a scene or tell a story.

ENTERTAINMENT could be any of the above, and hopefully every rave will be entertaining, or it may include a joke. If you really want to be adventurous, how about a magic trick?

If it is a theme meeting, such as Anzac Day, Halloween or Valentine's Day, try and keep your assignment aligned to the theme.


Check out the resources page for ideas for this assignment

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