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When You Evaluate

You are providing a personal opinion on how you responded to the assignment.

Look for effective techniques that the person uses, and highlight these, otherwise, something that they may have tried (successfully) may be discarded because it was not noticed.

Suggest ways in which the assignment could have been improved.

Don't say : I didn't like ….",

but rather:

"When you need to …, try doing …. instead of …."

For your oral evaluation:

Look for suggestions and compliments that the whole audience can benefit from.

Avoid a one way conversation with the person being evaluated.

Work with words

Avoid cliches like good, nice or your own oft repeated phrases.

A quick look through the thesaurus on my computer found these synonyms for "good." When you have added all these to your everyday vocabulary, search again.

skilful, exemplary, proficient, conscientious, admirable, commendable, exceptional, precious, valuable, favourable, honourable, unblemished, reliable, safe, competent, sound, valid, pleasant, cheering, advantageous, beneficial, favourable, satisfying, ample, benefit, asset, advantage, merit, virtue

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